Black Friday Luggage Deals Canada 2023

Looking for the best deals on luggage this upcoming Black Friday in Canada? You’re in luck! As always, Black Friday is expected to bring some of the biggest discounts and sales on luggage items. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or just need some new luggage for your daily commute, you can expect to find some amazing deals right here!

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Air Fryer Black Friday Deals Canada: Unbeatable Savings for 2023

As the holiday season approaches, savvy shoppers know that Black Friday is the perfect time to score unbeatable bargains on a variety of items, including luggage. For those in Canada, there are plenty of opportunities to find discounted luggage sets and travel accessories, from both local stores and online retailers. Whether you’re planning a much-needed vacation or just want to refresh your luggage collection, Black Friday sales offer an excellent opportunity to do so at discounted prices.

Canadian retailers such as Best Buy and Canada Luggage Depot, as well as popular brands like Samsonite and SWISSGEAR, take part in the Black Friday festivities, providing shoppers with a range of deals on luggage sets, suitcases, and travel bags. With options like hard-side expandable luggage sets to soft-side carry-on bags, everyone can find something that suits their travel needs, style, and budget.

With the vast array of Black Friday luggage deals available across Canada, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Comparing prices, features, and reviews can help ensure you secure the best bargain for your new travel gear. As the anticipation for Black Friday builds, keep an eye out for ads, promotions, and sale announcements to get a head start on finding the perfect luggage deals for you.

Understanding Black Friday Luggage Deals

Black Friday is a highly anticipated annual shopping event that takes place after the American Thanksgiving holiday. This day marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and retailers across various industries offer significant discounts to attract customers. In Canada, Black Friday has become increasingly popular over the years, with both local and international brands participating in the event.

The luggage industry is no exception when it comes to Black Friday deals. With the travel sector being a significant part of the economy, many Canadian-owned and international luggage brands offer attractive discounts and promotions during this period. Shoppers can expect to find markdowns on different types of luggage, such as suitcases, duffel bags, carry-ons, and more.

Retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Macy’s are known to have significant discounts on popular luggage brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister, and Away. In some cases, discounts can go as high as 70% off regular prices, providing shoppers the opportunity to purchase high-quality luggage at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from major retailers, some smaller and Canadian-owned luggage companies also participate in Black Friday. These brands often focus on specialized products, such as durable and lightweight luggage or eco-friendly materials, catering to specific travel needs. By offering Black Friday deals, these smaller businesses aim to gain increased visibility and market share.

When searching for the best Black Friday luggage deals in Canada, it is essential to be diligent in comparing prices and paying attention to the details of each offer. Keep in mind that some promotions may only be valid for a limited time or on specific items. It is also advisable to read product reviews and consider the warranty to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product that suits your needs.

In summary, Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity for shoppers in Canada to score deals on luggage from various brands and retailers. To make the best use of this event, it is essential to research available offers, compare prices, and assess product quality before finalizing any purchase.

Types of Luggage Items on Sale

Types of Bags

During Black Friday luggage sales in Canada, various types of bags are available at discounted prices. These include backpacks, suitable for both travel and daily use, as well as briefcases to meet the needs of professionals. For special occasions, discounted evening bags and stylish handbags are also available on sale, providing a wide range for customers to choose from.

Travel Accessories Deals

In addition to bags, there are numerous travel accessories offered at lower prices during Black Friday sales, making this period an excellent time to stock up on essentials. Some of the items available include:

  • Umbrellas: A key accessory to protect you from rain or sun
  • Packing organizers: To keep your belongings organized and easily accessible within your luggage
  • Travel pillows: Enhancing comfort during long trips or flights
  • Portable chargers: Ensuring your devices remain powered during your travels

Choosing the Right Travel Products

To make the most of Black Friday luggage deals in Canada, it’s essential to consider various factors that influence the choice of the right travel products:

  • Purpose: Consider how you intend to use the bag or accessory. A backpack might be ideal for adventure trips, while a briefcase is more suitable for business travel.
  • Size: Choose bags and travel accessories that are appropriate for your needs and for the type of trip you are planning, as over- or under-packing can impact your travel experience.
  • Price: Take advantage of the discounted prices available during Black Friday sales; however, don’t compromise on quality. Make sure to invest in durable products that will last for a longer time.
  • Material and design: Select products made from materials that are lightweight, waterproof, or scratch-resistant, depending on your preferences and intended use. Additionally, consider the design, color, and style of your potential purchase to ensure it aligns with your personal taste and preferences.

By considering these factors, you can make the most out of Black Friday luggage sales in Canada and find the perfect travel bags and accessories for your needs.

Navigating Best Deals

When seeking the best Black Friday luggage deals in Canada, there are a few key approaches to ensure you find the top savings on quality suitcases and travel bags. Being confident, knowledgeable, and clear about potential offers will make your shopping experience much smoother.

Start by monitoring major retailers such as Best Buy Canada and Macy’s to catch their sales announcements. These retailers often have limited-time offers on popular brands like Samsonite, with some discounts providing up to $590 in savings. Don’t forget to explore online-only deals, as these sales might have additional savings exclusive to the internet.

You can also take advantage of aggregator websites like to stay updated about the latest prices and offers on luggage from several retailers. These websites give you easy access to compare various deals side-by-side and ensure you don’t miss out on the lowest prices available.

It’s essential to expand your search beyond one store or retailer. Broadening your search scope helps avoid making impulse purchases due to the fear of missing out on a sale, and increases your chance of finding the most affordable options with a balance of style, function, and durability.

Lastly, keep an eye out for combined savings opportunities. Some retailers may offer extra discounts when purchasing multiple items or surpassing a specific spending threshold. These offers may be hidden in the fine print or terms of the sale, so make sure to read the details carefully. An example of this kind of deal is the promotion where you can save $30 when you spend $300 or up to $200 when you spend $1,000.

In conclusion, following these strategies makes it easier to find the best Black Friday luggage deals in Canada, all while maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral approach to your shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top stores for luggage discounts on Black Friday in Canada?

There are several stores across Canada that offer fantastic luggage discounts during the Black Friday sales. Top stores include Best Buy Canada, Costco, and Walmart. Many retailers will begin to offer discounts leading up to the Black Friday event, so it’s essential to check them regularly for amazing deals on luggage.

Where can I find significant sales on carry-on luggage?

For significant sales on carry-on luggage during Black Friday, look out for deals from Walmart, Amazon, and Macy’s. These retailers often have exclusive discounts on various carry-on luggage options, with some prices starting as low as $35.

Which luggage brands have the best deals during Black Friday?

Notable luggage brands like Samsonite, Delsey, Travelpro, American Tourister, and SWISSGEAR typically have great deals during Black Friday. You can find discounts up to 50% off or even more depending on the retailer and specific luggage collection.

When do most Canadian luggage retailers start their Black Friday sales?

Many Canadian luggage retailers start their Black Friday sales during the week leading up to the event. Keep an eye on your favorite stores and brands, as some might have discounts available even earlier. Additionally, check online platforms and subscribe to newsletters to stay informed on upcoming sales and deals.

Are there any luggage set deals exclusively available on Black Friday?

Yes, there are luggage set deals that may be exclusive to Black Friday in various stores. For instance, Best Buy Canada and Costco frequently offer luggage sets at heavily discounted prices during the Black Friday sale, sometimes having savings of up to $590 on specific luggage sets.

Is it a good time to buy luggage at Canadian Tire on Black Friday?

Canadian Tire is known for providing substantial savings and discounts during their Black Friday sales, including luggage deals. Although it may not always be considered a top choice for purchasing luggage, it can be an excellent opportunity to find good deals on reliable luggage options during Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals Canada
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